European Nail Society (ENS) Scientific Session at the 29th EADV Virtual Congress

The meeting will be an "on demand" session. Go to the EADV website ( to register.
Unfortunately this year it is not possible to register for a specific session or day, it is only possible to register for the full congress.


Dimitris Rigopoulos (Athens, Greece)

The European Nail Society
Michela Starace
(Bologna, Italy) & Matilde Iorizzo (Lugano, Switzerland)

Objective evaluation of the mechanical characteristic of the nail
Paola Perugini
(Padova, Italy)

Update on onychomycosis
Bianca Maria Piraccini (Bologna, Italy)

Update on the assumed anatomical relations between nail psoriasis and enthesitis
Marcel Pasch (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)
Update on dermoscopy of nail lichen planus
Robertha Nakamura (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)
Congenital malalignment of great toenail: a retrospective study of 60 cases
Bertrand Richert (Brussels, Belgium)
Update on Mohs surgery of the nail apparatus
Nilton Gioia di Chiacchio (Sao Paolo, Brazil)
Update on histopathology
Adam Rubin (Philadelphia, USA)
Nail salon and COVID-19
David de Berker (Bristol, United Kingdom)

Nail alterations and COVID-19
Michela Starace (Bologna, Italy)