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Patek Philippe Replica Memoris 200th Anniversary Watch - A Starry Night Like No Other

Patek Philippe Replica, the brand whose founder created the first chronograph in watchmaking history, has released a special piece to commemorate this achievement. This Memoris 200th Anniversary white-gold watch was limited to 20 pieces. This is a mono-pusher column-wheel chronograph. The chrono mechanism is separated from the rest and placed on top of the self-winding movement. It can be seen through the skeletonized dial.Patek Philippe Replica The Memoris 200th piece is unique in that it has a fixed graver engraving method on its main-plate. This, combined with the painted background, creates a stunning representation of a starry evening. This is the first time that this decorative technique has been used on a commemorative model.

Patek Philippe Replica, the founder of the company and also the person who gave the brand its name, is a natural choice to commemorate this accomplishment. This was made possible by the introduction of the Memoris piece at Baselworld's previous edition. The base piece for the new novelty that we are talking about is now upgraded and given lavish decorations. These decorations were first used in the Memoris collection. Some others, as mentioned above, were introduced for the very first time in the whole world of horology.

The most notable innovation in the timekeeper is its use of a fixed graver technique. This was applied to a brass plate that had been previously covered in a deep-blue shade. The maison's craftsmen devise this process and add a specially-designed lathe to a rose motor to create a blend of power and precision in hand-performed engraving. This tweak allows each star to be engraved at a different angle and depth in order to attract maximum light. This is a complex process. Each of the tiny sections used to create the stars takes several steps.Best Replica Watches The stunning final result makes up for the complexity of the process.

The appearance of the timekeeper is also characterized by the unique engraving technique. It uses transparent material to create the flange and bridge that holds the two chrono counters in their respective positions. Patek Philippe Replica invented a new composite material to create it. It is still secret. It has the same transparency as crystal, and it is transparent. The composite material has the advantage of being resistant to other elements and therefore suitable for use in watch structures.