Why Join the ENS?

The ENS is a non-profit association. Its object is to promote the study of normal and diseased nails, to evaluate their treatment modalities and to develop and maintain solidarity between members.

The ENS membership entitles you to:

  • Submit difficult cases to an expert panel (through the E-Nail Medical and Surgical groups)
  • Access the Masterclasses (2-4 times/year virtual meetings) and Nail Dialogues (4 times/year podcasts)
  • Access Skin Appendage Disorders, the official journal of the ENS*
  • Access the ENS Member List (upon request to the ENS secretary)
  • Advanced notice regarding worldwide nail courses and meetings
  • Free access to the annual ENS Nail Histopathology Workshop, scheduled the morning of the annual ENS Meeting

Kindly note that to attend the ENS Annual Meeting registration is required to the EADV Congress, which may be satisfied with the one-day fee if only desiring to attend the ENS meeting. More info is available at www.eadv.org

If a print subscription is preferred, a reduced annual rate of EUR 173 excluding VAT and shipping charges is offered. Such subscription should be paid by the Society members directly to the Publisher (Karger).

 Membership fees

 Member:  80 euros / year
 Life Time Member:  600 euros (over 47 years old)
 Resident:  20 euros (for a maximum of 4 years. Certificate of residency required)



If you are interested in becoming a member of the ENS, please contact the ENS Secretary,
Dr. Nilton Gioia Di Chiacchio, at dichiacchiong@gmail.com