The European Nail Society, run by an independent, volunteer Board of  Members, was established in 1997 (May 31) to promote and enhance the knowledge in nails diseases, surgery and pathology. The founding members were (by alphabetical order): Josette Anndré, Robert Baran, Piet De Doncker, Hugo Degreef, Eckart Haneke, Gérald Piérard, Antonella Tosti. On the same day, the founding members elected Rod Hay as ordinary member.

The first ENS Board was composed of the founding members plus Rod Hay. They elected Robert Baran as President, Rod Hay as Vice President, Piet De Doncker as Treasurer and Josette André as Secretary.

The aim of the ENS is to:

  • Promote the study of normal and diseased nails
  • Promote research related to nail science and diseases
  • Promotes the exchange between members and facilitates the opportunity to visit a Nail Centre of Excellence
  • Share expertise and advances in the realm of nail science and nail diseases
  • Give strong support to the members to help them to diagnose and treat their patients
  • Share scientific and general publications related to nails
  • Evaluate and share different treatment modalities
  • Develop and maintain solidarity between members

Most of the ENS founding members, in 1995 in Japan.
From left to right, First row - Hugo Degreef (Treasurer), Eckart Haneke, Josette André (Secretary).
From left to right, Second row - Robert Baran (President), Antonella Tosti, Roderick Hay (Vice President), Piet De Doncker.