Award Purpose:
The award encourages a trainee dermatologist who has demonstrated scholarship and initiative in the study of nail disorders to further pursue a career related to nail disease. The project shall be presented the subsequent year during a Masterclass (virtual event).

Personal Statement by Ralph and Melissa Daniel:
We have greatly benefited from the medical field, especially in dermatology and nail disorders. When we began writing about nails and nail research in the 1970's, there were only a handful of us that concentrated on nail disorders. We were able to partner early on with Richard Scher who kindly helped foster our burgeoning interest. We also appreciated the work of Robert Baran and Nardo Zaias. Now we hope, in some modest fashion, to assist the next generation of onychologists.

  • One award of 1000 euro will be granted each year.
  • The candidate must be a trainee dermatologist (certification of residency required).
  • Department chairs and/or members of the European Nail Society may recommend candidates for the award.
  • CV and publications and/or meeting presentations demonstrating support of the mission of the European Nail Society should be submitted together with the project proposal (limited to 1000 words).
  • Prior to the European Nail Society annual meeting, the award committee will review the projects and select the award recipient. The announcement of the award winner will be made two months prior to the ENS annual meeting.

Please submit a letter of recommendation for the candidate by 31 of May 2024 to the secretary of ENS at